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We are purveyors of the finest, freshest extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars from all around the world. We follow the "olive crush" from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere every six months to ensure we always have the freshest extra virgin olive oil possible at all times to taste!  Experience the ultimate foodie adventure – a walk through various regions of the world where these fine extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars can be sampled - right here in Asheville!

Join us at Olive & Kickin’ where you can taste our selections and bring home the ones you love to create new adventures and passion in your own kitchen! It is a fun, and educational, experience!

Latest News

We are now offering CURBSIDE DELIVERY.  Don't have much time to do errands, can't find a parking space, thinking about stocking up and don't want to forget about it.... call us at 828-251-1117, tell us what you need and the size, give us your payment method, and we will have it all ready for you and deliver it to the curb for you as you pull up!

We have done a bit of spring cleaning and re-arranging to open up some more space to put new flavors out for you to taste everyday!  Come in to try our mouth-watering new Jalapeno, Ripe Peach, and Grapefruit white balsamic vinegars.  We also just received our new Northern Hemisphere EVOOs.   

We have six new selections of Fresh Fruit exrtra virgin olive oils (EVOO).  These are some of the freshest EVOOs in the world as we continue to follow the olive crush around the world.  Our featured Northern Hemisphere EVOOs are COBRANCOSA from Portugal, an unique, floral, and complex EVOO with notes with creamy layers and berry notes;  GALEGA from Portugal, a delicate and creamy EVOO with banana mash and berry notes;  KORONEIKI from California, a very popular EVOO with pronounced green apple peel and cut grass notes;  GRAN CRU CORATINA from Italy, a very special production from the personal Galantino Estate in the heart of Pulia;  and two Spanish EVOOS from the acclaimed Spanish Producer, MELGAREJO, a PICUAL and a FRANTOIO, both extremely pungent and peppery and both extremly fresh olive oils!!!

Did you hear NPR's Interview with Tom Mueller, author of Extra Virginity The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil.  Wanna know more?  We have several copies of the book at the store for sale and we’ll be happy to discuss his comments with you.

Please send us any of your favorite recipes using our EVOO and Balsamic Vinegars and we will happily post them for all to play with.   Recipe Page!




That Espresso Balsamic Vinegar deserves DRAMA QUEEN status!


What an amazing concept - I love it! My favorite was the coconut/persian lime combo, I made a great seafood dish with it recently.


Thanks for the special delivery :-) Worth every penny of that shipping price!



Daily Olive Oil Tastings

Our store is a tasting gallery and we invite you to come in and explore the variety of flavors and combinations available every day.

Private Parties

Need a new idea to meet up with some friends?  Find out how you can arrange a private party at our store and enjoy our EVOOs and balsamic vinegars combined with small appetizer tastings and drinks.  Good friends, tastes, and times!

Customized Labels

Looking for a way to bring a unique touch to a special event?  Let us help you pick a boutique bottle, customize a label with your own ideas, pictures, logos, or messages, and fill them with your personal choice of products to share at your special occasion.